Variant Surnames.


There are numerous occasions when the surnames Tattersall and Tattersfield have apparently been used by the same individual. CHART 15, the family of ABRAHAM, is an example (see separate Section).

CHART 15a is an attempt to trace the TATTERSALL ancestry of ABRAHAM in the Mirfield and Kirkheaton areas. While the family connections seem convincing, it is emphasised that CHART 15a is somewhat speculative.

A further attempt at linking TATTERSALL and TATTERSFIELD is shown in CHART 16. The TATTERSFIELD families of York, Hull, and Leeds all descend with a high degree of confidence, from marriages in Dewsbury Parish Church between 1770 and 1786. It is possible, though less certain, that the Lancashire family descend from a marriage in 1788.

In 2003 Mr Ian Lloyd, of Wakefield, pointed out that a JOHN TATTERSALL in Mirfield had a family of ten children, of whom seven were sons who probably survived into adulthood. Three of these had the same Christian name as the progenitors of CHARTS 5, 6, and 8, and a grandson called JOSEPH could be the JOSEPH at the head of CHART 11. Furthermore a son called JOHN could have moved to London and be the head of CHART 7. All the weddings of the above are at dates well suited to the respective dates of baptism.

This may only be a surprising coincidence, but the “fit” between this family and the various TATTERSFIELD regional families seems too good to ignore.

CHART 16 should be seen as hypothetical at this stage. It is hoped that the Y-DNA Project presently under way, may shed more light on this possible connection.

I am very grateful to Mr Lloyd for the original concept.


The surname TATTERFIELD occasionally appears in English records, probably as a spelling or transcription error. However, a TATTERFIELD family have been continuously in Massachusetts since 1870 -1875, when WILLIAM HENRY TATTERFIELD settled there. He had been born on Christmas Day, 1846, in Mud Cove, Burin. Newfoundland. His father is recorded as William Tarfield (but the original church record is difficult to decipher). Certainly by the time of the immigration to USA, the name TATTERFIELD had become fixed.

There is no known connection between this family and the TATTERSFIELDs or TATTERSALLs in England. The TATTERFIELD family have been included on this website, and shown in CHART 20, solely on account of the similarity of the surnames.