Tattersfields in England

Although many of the parts of the TATTERSFIELD family emigrated, the majority did not. Many families remained centred upon the traditional areas of Dewsbury-Heckmondwike, York, Hull, London, Leeds and Lancashire.

In the section which follows we would very much like English-based families who are, or who are descended from, TATTERSFIELDS to submit an article about themselves and their history for inclusion.

The first such article, kindly supplied by Jane Weyer, concerns a family who moved to Leicestershire and who still remain closely in touch with each other.

Further contributions would be very welcome, and will be published in this section of the TATTERSFIELD website as they come in!

Header Image: Photograph taken at Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales, very much in the style of the countryside from which the Tattersfields came. The image features a patchwork of fields bounded by the dry stone walls that are so characteristic of the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors. Andrew Roland / Shutterstock.com