The Tattersfield Name

The surname TATTERSFIELD is very rare. It always seemed extremely likely, based on conventional research, that we are all branches of one family. A study of available records points to West Yorkshire as the place where the family name originated, and to Dewsbury in particular. Exceptions were the family in London, and the Tatterfield family in Massachusetts. No documentary records have been found to connect either to Yorkshire.

From about 1770 to 1816 the name began to appear in other parts of England, notably in Heckmondwike (adjacent to Dewsbury), York, Hull, London, Leeds and East Lancashire. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries movements overseas took place, particularly to the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico.

The recent DNA Project has shown that, in fact, two genetically distinct families each had the surname in Dewsbury in the 18th century.

A Tatterfield family appeared in Massachusetts in 1870-75, having immigrated from Newfoundland. DNA testing now shows that they do not appear to be related to the Tattersfield families in England.

Some 1056 TATTERSFIELDs were registered as born in England in the 161 years from 1837 to 1998; fewer than seven per year.

The 1881 census of England recorded 283 TATTERSFIELDs living at that time, of whom 243 were in Yorkshire. By county, these were divided as follows:

County# in England
Middlesex (London)13
TOTAL in England283

The location of those in Yorkshire was:

PLACE# in Census
Dewsbury, Batley, Thornhill, Soothill, Ossett71
Heckmondwike, Liversedge59
Huddersfield, Kirkheaton3
Bradford, Pudsey6
TOTAL within a radius of 8 miles of Dewsbury209
York 14
TOTAL in Yorkshire243

It is important to realise that places such as Heckmondwike and Mirfield are immediately adjacent to Dewsbury. The map below shows the relative positions in West Yorkshire of many of the places mentioned in this article.

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