Military Biographies 1914-1939

Tattersfields continued to serve, voluntarily or otherwise, in various military theaters of the First World War and during the inter-war years. The short Tattersfield military biographies from this period take us to some of the notorious battlefields of Europe, and also tell of Tattersfields who saw conflict in the Boer War and in the chaos of post-WWI Serbia. As with the previous set of biographies, one is struck by the variety of locations and types of experience that these stories convey. Each biography can be accessed through the main site menu or by clicking on the listings below. Where it is available, readers may click on the symbol to access the family tree data of the individual.

Header Image: A Mark V tank, which would likely have been recognizable to most of the subjects of the biographies in this group. The Mark V was first deployed in the final months of the First World War, and remained in service (albeit in quite limited numbers) right through until bizarrely the last operational Mark V was sighted in the streets of Berlin in 1944! .