Regional Branches

It has been explained above that the families of York, Hull, Leeds and Lancashire all stem, with a very high degree of probability, from marriages in Dewsbury Parish Church in 1770, 1771, 1786 and 1788 respectively. No documentary evidence has been found to connect the London family to them.

A Y-DNA Project completed in 2020 shows that the four Yorkshire families and the London family do genetically all match each other in differing degrees. There are, therefore, common ancestors, but still no details of them have been found.

The DNA Project shows there is no match between the five families and those in the Heckmondwike trees.

However, DNA reveals a match between the same five families and families with the surname Tattersall.

Charts 11 and 15 show two examples, both in Mirfield, of men called Tattersall, who later changed to Tattersfield. Hypothetical ancestries are given for them in Charts 15a and 16.