Heckmondwike Branch

This is much the biggest of the Tattersfield and related families, representing about 80% of the total.

The Heckmondwike family trees were divided into three parts, Charts 1, 2, 3 and 4, to limit the size, and ease manual plotting in the early years.

All are believed to be descended from Joseph (1747-95). Chart 1 includes descendants through his younger sons William and John. Those on Chart 2,3 are descendants of his eldest son Joseph (1779-1851). Descendants of his four daughters Sarah (Sally), Hannah, Patience and Nancy are on Chart 4. Their married surnames were Carr, Scatchard, Oddy and Taylor respectively.

Many of the early members of the Heckmondwike Branch, after about 1789, worshipped at Upper Chapel (Independent). They were buried in the grave yard, but the older section was disinterred, and their grave stones were taken away. This is described more fully under Read Research, The Tattersfield Name, Family Branches, The Heckmondwike Family. Records of Baptism and Burial abstracted from the Upper Chapel Registers carry the abbreviation HI in the Family Trees. Burial details recorded on the gravestones are denoted by HIGS.