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I would be happy to supply, without charge, a direct ancestry chart or other form of information depending upon the interests of those who make contact. I can be contacted in the following ways:

TelephonePhone or Fax +44 1233 634302
Postal ServiceMr John Tattersfield
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Fascinating as a study of family history is, it is even more satisfying when there are other interested people to share it with.


The development of the TATTERSFIELD Family Tree is an ongoing process. The data bank I presently hold, and the various regional family trees that can be produced from it, are incomplete. It is hoped that they will be improved with further research.

Moreover, the data bank is likely to contain some errors, although considerable efforts have been made to avoid them.

The data bank contains information, mostly in the public domain, about people who are still alive or who have died recently and are remembered by their families.

Since December 2007, I have published, in the section of the website labelled “Family Trees”, the actual genealogical information I have gathered about our ancestors. However, each person believed to be living is simply marked as “Living” with no details supplied. In this way it is believed that the privacy of all living family members has been protected. Should anyone feel I have inadvertently shown details about a living person, please get in touch and I will remove them.

I shall however be very pleased to give information on a personal basis to anyone who wants it, and who has a direct connection with the TATTERSFIELD Family. I would strongly ask that material I give out should not be passed on or published in such a way that it gets “scooped up” in its incomplete state by any of the data agencies whose role it is to collect and disseminate such information.

Over the years, and particularly recently, I have concentrated on gathering and understanding early records of the family. At present the work is not up-to-date, and a few TATTERSFIELDs born in England since 1984, whose names are available to the public on the Index of Registrations of Births, have not been put into the data bank nor identified within the known family structure.

It will therefore be very helpful if anyone responding to this website entry would please give me as full information about themselves and their branch of the family as they can, and for as far back in time as they are able. Dates and places of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials are very helpful, together with other matters of interest like occupation and main place of residence. Given such information I would expect to be able to connect each enquirer back to one of the regional family branches which I have briefly described above.

John Tattersfield
1st January, 2001

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