Military Biographies after 1939

Records suggest that at least 16 Tattersfields served in active military status during World War 2, and several others are known to have served in the decades since then. As in previous eras, every participant’s story was unique and fortunes varied tremendously from individual to individual.

We have biographies that cover just a fraction of the anecdotes of military Tattersfields in the post-1939 period, but even these few personal histories reveal some amazing experiences. It is almost certain that there are other fascinating stories from the war records of Tattersfields; if anyone has other biographies to contribute, we would be delighted to include them.

As in the previous sections, each biography can be accessed through the main site menu or by clicking on the listings below. Where it is available, readers may click on the symbol to access the family tree data of the individual.

Header Image: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXb MH434 ZD-B (G-ASJV) in flight. The versatile and robust Spitfire saw action both during and after World War 2. The Mark IX was one of the most common Spitfire variants; the Mark IXb became operational in March 1943. Overall, the Mark IX delivered significant improvements over the earlier Mark V and became a major factor in the Allies' eventual attainment of air superiority in the later stages of the War.  Kev Gregory /