Account of Tattersfield Graves at Heckmondwike Upper Chapel


The importance of Heckmondwike Upper Chapel in the lives of many Tattersfields of the “Heckmondwike” family, who appear in Charts 1 and 2,3, has been stated in the section Read Research–The Tattersfield Name–Family Branches–The Heckmondwike Family. There are numerous records of Baptism and Burial, and some of Marriage in the Registers of the Chapel. Furthermore there were many burials in the Chapel graveyard at the front, side and rear of the Chapel buildings. 

Before the very large 1890 Chapel was converted into flats, as mentioned below, the graveyard contained 603 graves. Of these, 36 gravestones showed 125 Tattersfield names.

The grave inscriptions of all the 603 graves were recorded by the late Dr Louis Ackroyd in 2003. He was related to some of the Tattersfields in Chart 1. He very generously gave to me a full copy of his records in 2003. He also deposited a copy with The Society of Genealogists in London. It is not available on line, and can only be seen by visiting their London premises. 

Without knowing of Dr Ackroyd’s records, I copied all the 36 grave epitaphs for every one of the 125 Tattersfield entries, and some other related famiiy members, at about the same time. They are all set our below verbatim. In some cases the actual layout of the wording on the tombstone was recorded, and is reproduced below. 

Dr Ackroyd divided his records into two areas. His map showing these is included below. Part 1 contained 306 graves, covering the period 1760 to approximately 1870, in the front and side of the Chapel buildings. Part 11 contained 297 more recent graves at the back of the buildings. For each of Parts 1 and 11 he gave a sequential number to each grave. His numbering system is used in the records below, to avoid possible confusion. Each grave number is preceded by his initials LA.

Entirely independently of the above, the late Mrs Carol Ann Hendrickson (1930-2020), nee Tattersfield, born in Minnesota, USA , visited the graveyard in 1988. She is shown on Chart 2,3, and her ancestry is JOSEPH (1747-95), JOSEPH, WILLIAM, AKED, RICHARD, CHARLES RICHARD. She took photographs of 16 of the earlier Tattersfield grave monuments, and kindly gave me a selection of prints of them the following year. These are included below, alongside the related gravestone wording. They are used with the kind permission of her son Joel Kevin Hendrickson of Colorado. 

As mentioned above, the latest and largest of the Chapels on the site, dating from 1890, was converted into flats some years ago. The graves in the whole of Part 1 and some of Part 11, were disinterred, to create a car park, and nearly all the gravestones were taken away. Their location is not known. Accordingly, most of the earlier records and the photographs below cannot be repeated.

Pt I / LA37 AMOS 9 March, 1790 (dec) Ch2_3 / I325
Pt I / LA37 JOSEPH 3 June, 1795 (dec) Ch2_3 / I320
Pt I / LA37 SARAH 4 October, 1819 (dec) Ch2_3 / I321
In Memory of Amos the son of Joseph Tattersfield of the Height, in the township of Heckmondwike who died the 9th day of March 1790 aged 1 year.

And also of the abovementioned Joseph Tattersfield, who died the 3rd day of June 1795 aged 48 years.
“Watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh”.

Also Sarah the wife of the abovesaid Joseph Tattersfield who died Oct 4th 1819 aged 70 years.
Pt I / LA44 REBECCA 26 June, 1824 (dec) Ch2_3 / I412
Pt I / LA44 JOSEPH 25 November, 1824 (dec) Ch2_3 / Ixxx
Pt I / LA44 WILLIAM 11 September, 1845 (dec) Ch2_3 / Ixxx
Box graveSacred to the memory of
Rebecca daughter of
John and Sarah Tattersfield,
of Kilpinhill
who died June 26th 1834
Aged 1 month.

Also of Joseph son of the above
who died November 25th 1834
Aged 1 year and 9 months.
Also of William son of the above
who died September 11th 1845
Aged 1 year and 7 months.
Pt I / LA193 MOSES 26 October, 1857 (dec) Ch1 / I1768
Pt I / LA193 MARTHA 9 March, 1842 (dec) Ch1 / I611
Pt I / LA193 SIX INFANTS Various dates 1815-1842 Ch1 / I1768
Pt I / LA193 ANN nee Crowther 4 January, 1861 (dec) Ch1 / I598
Box graveIn Memory of Moses Tattersfield, of Dewsbury Moor
who died October 26th 1857;
Aged 66 years
Also of Martha, daughter of the above
who died March 9th 1842;
Aged 22 years.
Also of six children who died in their infancy.
Also of Ann wife of the above
Moses Tattersfield,
who died Jany 4th 1861
Aged 63 years.
Pt I / LA194 HANNAH 25 April, 1870 (dec) Ch1 / I30
Pt I / LA194 JOHN 19 September, 1881 (dec) Ch1 / I28
Headstone in local stoneIn Memory of
Daughter of John and Johanna
of Kilpinhill, who died April 25th 1870
Aged 56 years.

Also John, son of the above
Who died September 19th 1881,
Aged 71 years.

“His end was Peace”.
Pt I / LA195 HANNAH nee Crowther 12 July, 1837 (dec) Ch2_3 / I343
Box graveIn Memory of
Hannah, the wife of the
Rev. Joseph Tattersfield,
of Keighley,
Who departed this life
July 12th 1837, Aged 33 years.

“Blessed are the dead
that die in the Lord”.
Pt I / LA200 BETTY 28 September, 1813 (dec) Ch1 / I106
Pt I / LA200 ELIZABETH 30 August, 1822 (dec) Ch1 / I110
Pt I / LA200 WILLIAM 23 January, 1824 (dec) Ch1 / I114
Pt I / LA200 SARAH nee Crowther 14 November, 1824 (dec) Ch1 / I103
Pt I / LA200 WILLIAM 2 September, 1856 (dec) Ch1 / I1780
Box graveIn Memory of
Betty, the Daughter of William and Sarah
Tattersfield, of Dewsbury-Moor, who died
September 28th 1813 Aged one year and
seven months.

Also Elizabeth Daughter of the above, who
died August the 30th 1822 in the 6th
year of her age.

Also William son of the above who
died January the 23rd, 1824, Aged 19 weeks.

Also Sarah the wife of William
Tattersfield,who died November the
14th, 1824, in the 32 year of her Age.
“In bloom of life my spirit fled,
To dwell with Christ my living head:
My body sleeps beneath the ground,
Till the laft trumpet’s joyful sound:
Then shall my duft again unite,
and dwell in uncreated light.”

Also in Memory of the late
William Tattersfield, of Dewsbury-Moor
who died September 2nd 1856;
in the 71st year of his Age.
“He was an affectionate husband, a tender father,
A faithful friend and a devoted Christian.”
Pt I / LA201 HENRY 5 November, 1842 (dec) Ch2_3 / I505
Box graveIn Memory of
Henry, son of Jeremiah and
Martha Tattersfield of Heck-
mondwike who died November
5th 1842, Aged 1 year
and 8 months.
Pt I / LA206 SALLY 15 June, 1839 (dec) Ch1 / I32
Pt I / LA206 PATIENCE 31 March, 1822 (dec) Ch1 / I33
Pt I / LA206 JOHN 18 June, 1856 (dec) Ch1 / I9
Pt I / LA206 JOANNA nee Oddy 14 September, 1858 (dec) Ch1 / I25
Box graveIn Memory of
Sally the daughter of
John and Joanna Tattersfield,
of Kilpinhill, who departed
This life the 15th day of June, 1839,
Aged 22 years.

“How frail is man
Life how uncertain,
In youth by pining sickness
Was I cut down.
And snatch’d from weeping relatives
And mourning friends:
O’er me the wind did pass,
And I am gone.
Weep not for me. But for yourselves
That you to meet the King
Of terrors be prepared.
And rise with Christ to reign.”

Also of Patience the daughter of
John and Joanna Tattersfield who
Departed this life the 31st day of March,
1822, Aged 2 years.

Also of the above
John Tattersfield,
Who died June 18th 1856,
Aged 72 years.

Also of Joanna Tattersfield
His wife who died September 14th
1858, Aged 74 years.
Pt I / LA242 JOHN 19 April, 1873 (dec) Ch2_3 / I336
Pt I / LA242 SARAH nee Scott 19 March, 1886 (dec) Ch2_3 / I406
Monument in polished granite
Photo: Carol Hendrickson, 1988
In affectionate remembrance of
John Tattersfield of
Kilpinhill, Heckmondwike
who died April 19th 1873
aged 62 years.

“The righteous shall be held
in everlasting remembrance.”

wife of the above
Born March 21st 1811
Died March 19th 1886.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his saints”.
Pt I / LA243 ELIZABETH nee Crowther 17 July, 1873 (dec) Ch1 / I35
Pt I / LA243 JOSEPH 21 April, 1876 (dec) Ch1 / I26
Pt I / LA243 SARAH 27 February, 1901 (dec) Ch1 / I37
Monument in polished granite
Photo: Carol Hendrickson, 1988
In memory of Elizabeth the beloved
wife of Joseph Tattersfield of
Staincliffe House who departed this
life July 17th 1873 aged 67 years.

“The memory of the just is blest”.

Also the above named
Joseph Tattersfield
who departed this life April 21st 1876
aged 70 years.

“My flesh also shall rest in hope”.

Also Sarah, daughter of the above
and beloved wife of
Joseph Senior Tattersfield
who departed this life
February 27th 1901
Aged 60 years.

“Her end was peace”.
Pt I / LA256 JOANNA (8 August, 1864) (dec) Ch1 / I41
Pt I / LA256 George Henry Armitage (18 August, 1864) (dec) Ch1 / I45
Pt I / LA256 REBECCA nee Tattersfield (14 September, 1866) (dec) Ch1 / I40
Pt I / LA256 GEORGE (18 December, 1871) (dec) Ch1 / I27
Monument in local stone, erodedIn memory of Joanna
the beloved wife of John Armitage
and only daughter of
George and Rebecca Tattersfield
of Kilpin Hill (?)
who died Aug (?)
in the (?) year of her age

Also GEORGE HENRY their infant.

On left hand side
—-in memory of REBECCA
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